Redecoration Station

As you know, last week I was sick and took the week off to redecorate my room. My room is painted a light green and I thought it'd be nice to do pink accents. Here are some pictures...

My creative corner

I decorated my lampshade

Now, this is what the top of my ceiling has looked like for three years since we painted it green. So I decided to do something about it. I went to the fabric store and purchased 18 yards of pink ribbon (thank God for coupons!!!!) Then I got a bunch of thumbtacks and painted them pink with one of my many of bottles of pink nail polish -

Then I pinned the ribbon to the top of my ceiling using some tape and my pink thumbtacks. I really am in love with how it turned out. :)

sorry for the mess in my sister's bed. She is 7 and doesn't like cleaning. ;)

Also, a little while ago, Acacia from Capture Life had a great idea to make paper hearts out of old newspapers and string them on your wall. I didn't have any old newspapers but I did have pink construction paper. So I did it and I LOVE it :)

As you can see, I'm anything but a photographer. =P

                    And I ended it all by giving my self a pedicure which makes everything better, right?

                   This week I caught the sewing bug so just stay tuned to see what happens there. :) <3


the princess bride

since i'm not a photographer like my sister, and i'm not really anything of the sort, i thought that i'd just use this blog for things like my art, my crafts, life, and some book reviews and movie reviews. and maybe even some music reviews. so here is my first review on the movie The Princess Bride.

a few weeks ago, my family and i finally watched the 1987 movie the princess bride. we were a little late, i know but hey, who really cares? anyway, it was a great movie and perfectly family friendly with the exception of a few words and some comments here and sometimes there.

the characters-

Princess Buttercup. she was perfect. classic princess. and wesley...i don't normally like mustached men (thats my new word. i think i made it up) but he was an exception. and he was very funny too and perfectly suited to the princess :)

Prince Humperdink- well...he was gross so i won't post a pic of him.

the three funny guys- were, well, funny. actually they were hilarious! and perfectly cast too!

the pope guy- he was the funniest character in the whole entire movie. SO FUNNY. :)

 I saved the best for last. the little boy and his grandpa whose names i don't know. I loved how the movie started with them and how the grandpa was reading to the little boy and the boy's reaction to things like kissing was so cute. :) fred savage has got to be the (well, at least the 2nd) cutest little boy ever. this was just so sweet. (I put that last pic in just for my sister) definitely a classic movie. kinda low-budget but it didn't really matter, you know? and it didn't really date itself, which was a good thing. anyway, this is a great movie and we all love it :)

some art i did this week

hey all!
this past week i have been sick with a bad cold and so i decided to just take the week off of school and do what i felt like. this week i'll be doing twice the homework, but i think my week of early summer vacation was well worth it. i took the time to read (right now i am reading through a series called 'the edge chronicles' and i am currently on book 8) and draw and watch Little House on the Prairie. ;) i took some pictures of the two drawings i did last week and i'll post them here.
this first one is a drawing of my name in elfish script. i really like how it turned out but i didn't know how to finish it so i just kind of scribbled around the corners.

next i decided to TRY to draw a picture of one of my very favorite Little House characters - albert. i didn't really think i could do it but i thought i'd try anyway. here is the original picture i was trying to draw- 

and here is my version of the picture. obviously he is missing a mouth and that is because i came to this conclusion: I just couldn't do justice to that adorable face. and so, maybe someday i will try to finish the drawing but in the meantime i think i'll just leave it. is that bad?

well, that is what i have been up to this week! i'm still working on my drawing of the little house. :) oh, and i have also been redecorating my room and will *hopefully* finish that up today. pics to come soon! <3 


hello blogging world, its me

i finally decided to get a blog. and my sister, hannah, was kind enough to design it for me on one condition: that i do the dishes for her on friday and saturday. ;) when she asked me what pages i wanted to have on my blog, i jokingly told her i wanted a "my heroes" page. it was a joke. i'm not even quite sure what a "my heroes" page would have on it. but she decided to make that one of my pages. :P unfortunately, hannah knows my password and can do anything she likes to my blog and such. all that to say: just disregard whatever appears on that page. i'll get around to changing my password sometime...

anyway, a few months ago we finally watched Megamind and i LOVED it!! when i see a movie like that (esp. if its an animated movie!) i just have to draw a picture of something from the movie. so naturally, i chose to draw megamind himself and i'm rather proud of how it turned out. ;)
well, thats about all. right now i'm working on a picture of my name in elvish script. :DDDDD
ttyl ;)