A Picture and a Song

I am a crazy Little House on the Prairie fan and also a big Carrie Underwood fan and so when I saw this video on youtube, I just had to share! Watch it! It is perfect! :)
Also, I have been working on a longer blog post that had something to do with Jane Austen and the picture below. ;) Stay tuned!!


Sewing, sewing and more sewing!!!

Dear readers, I haven't blogged for over a week because well, you could say I have 'Dixie Classic Fair fever' and so my creative juices have been flowing and still are, in fact. We love to enter as many things as possible in the fair every year and so I have been sewing a bunch of things to enter. I just took a few minutes to take some pics of a few of my projects for you. ;)

This is a unicorn...without a horn. I tried making the horn according to the pattern but it just didn't look good. Plus this unicorn (I can't decide wether to name him Buttercup(toy story 3)or Shadowfax( LOTR) ) has some cute bangs on his forehead and a horn wouldn't fit.
I made a pillow

I made popcorn or "popped corn"
And Hannah liked my popped corn
this is my sewing station. it is also my room.

I made this LHOP nightcap for Lydia

I made this doll dress.

And I made my doll a bonnet and under-clothes

 And that is all for now. What do you think? Once again, I'm sorry for the horrible quality of the photos. :P
I had better go now. I am currently sewing a bonnet.