will you pray with me?

I'm sitting here waiting for my iPod to finish updating ios6. (I'm kind of impatient. Ha!) i figured now would be a good time to write about something that's been on my heart recently.

the other day i found out that my friend, whom i love very much, (who had previously made a statement of faith in Christ) is not a true believer. my friend told me this and expressed a feeling of uncertainty about Christianity and God, explaining they wanted to believe it for themselves--not just pretend. on the one hand, i'm thankful that they are being honest. i'd so much rather have one be in admittance about their unsaved state, than just go with the flow pretending to be a christian. on the other hand though, my heart is broken. i've know this person for most of my life. for almost half of their life, they've said they were saved.

this is not the first time i've seen someone turn away from the path of Christ.  i've know individuals who i have looked up to as godly examples who end up cheating on their spouse and being unrepentant.
no matter how many times i see this, my heart hurts just the same. how could one know of the truth of Christ and His work on the cross and not be broken inside and moved to repentance by it? how could one's heart not be filled with love for THE One who gave His life for us? i don't understand. i'm thankful i don't understand. it is only because of Christ that i don't understand not loving Him. it's because of Christ i have love, true love in my heart. i'm not better than these people. i'm not less of a sinner. it's only by His grace that my eyes and heart were opened to the saving knowledge of Jesus and the joy He brings.

so how do i handle myself around my friend? i feel like i need to use all my time witnessing to this person. i don't know why people spend their time watching movies, reading books or even just eating while something so serious, so deep is going on in my friend's heart. i have to remember that this person's salvation is not up to me. i am called to be a witness and spread the gospel, but it's God who saves! i'm supposed to witness to others for God's glory. He will work His perfect and sovereign plan.

in the meantime, i tell my friend about Jesus. i love him. i pray for grace that i will be a good witness. i pray for patience and humility. i pray God will save my friend. will you pray with me?

Romans 10:17 "...So then faith comes through hearing and hearing through the word of God."