Of Emma and ipods

I know, I know. I haven't blogged like I promised I would but thats because I have been brainstorming. About how to earn $200. You see, I fell in love. Oh yes. I'm in love with Apple's ipod touch. I just signed up with itunes so that I could download Jared Kraft's new album The Fused  (which is super AWESOME!) and I was browsing the Apple store and I saw it. It just looks so stinkin cool, doesn't it??

I'm anything but tech savvy so it is kind of strange that I want an ipod touch so bad but I do. And anyway, my mp3 player is dying, poor thing. So hopefully in the near future I will be able to purchase this epic item.

The other fun thing this week was the arrival of the movie Emma (BBC 2009) in the mail. I had seen it twice already but it was still so amazing the third time I watched it. Actually, everybody (dad included) stayed up until midnight watching the whole thing. (shh, don't tell anybody.)


*sigh* I love Jonny Lee Miller. He is just perfect for Mr. Knightly. Perfect.
And Ramolia Gari is Emma. I just love her in everything I have seen her in.

I promise, PROMISE to finish the "my crazy week" blog post thing SOON. I was going to do it this week but I can't get a hold of the pictures at the moment. Sorry about that! Love you all!


Rebekah Brielle said...

Hey there!
I just found your blog, and I love it!
I followed you :)
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Rissi said...

LOVE this adaptation of "Emma." Most people don't like it as well, but I think it's charming. =)

FinvarraPenn said...

Romola Garai is one of my favorite actresses. There aren't many I like out there (I thend to like actors better) but she's one of, if not my top, favorite!

maria said...

yes she is great! Always gives an awesome performance!