books and things

i recently discovered that i actually really like love books. i'm not sure what happened, but one day i woke up and was like:

          (i love memes. i go to the "humor" page on pinterest and laugh at these like an idiot. it's fun)

anyway, i'm currently reading "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo. it took a while for me to really get into it, but once i got past book 2, i couldn't stop reading. in fact, i'm not sure why i'm sitting here blogging instead of reading. oh wait, it's because i care about you guys. yep, that's it.

i picked "Les Mis" to read because, one, it's a classic and two, THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT ON CHRISTMAS DAY AND RUSSELL CROWE IS IN IT AND I'M SO EXCITED...CAN YOU TELL?!?!?!
i'm just really excited, ok? i love music. i love movies. and, i love books. Les Miserables is all those things packed into one potentiality beautiful, amazing, epic package with some of my favorite actors. because you know, i'm a big fan of Russell Crowe and everyone else. and please don't get me started on Amanda Seyfried... i just love that girl! if you haven't seen the trailer, here 

so, hopefully the movie will be good. judging by the trailer, i'm pretty sure it will be. i mean, it won't be as good as the book, but it is a movie so, that's just kind of a given here.

oh, do you like my penguin socks?  i think they're crazy, which to me means awesome.


happy weekend, you guys! here's some advice: cozy up with a big, soft blanket, drink coffee, gaze out the window and drink in all that Autumn beauty and listen to Josh Groban. yes, yes. ;)


Emileigh said...

I LOVE your penguin socks and I LOVE that you LOVE books SO MUCH!!!

I didn't know they were making a movie of Les Miserables. That's SO exciting!!!

Emily said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR LES MIZ!!!!!! Ahh it's going to be AMAZING. I'll be singing along while watching it. I want to read the book and reading your post inspires me to read it even more! =) Oh, and your socks are the coolest ever. Love it!

EMMA said...

I love books!

Jo said...

I am in love with those penguin socks. Serioiusly, can I have. :) lol

Leanna Kay said...

I LOVE LE MIS. I am in the middle of a million other books right now, so I can't start reading it quite yet though :( I have a problem with focusing on one book at once.

Oh, and I love your socks :) Super cute.

Kelsie said...

1. love, love reading.!!
2. LOVE les mis!
3.love the socks.
4.this post is awesome:)