Most random post ever posted

Guys, this post is going to be super random. Just letting you know beforehand.

I finally got around to reading a Nicholas Sparks book! It's been on my reading list for the longest time.  Have you guys read any of his books? Let me know what you think of  him, please. :)
I read "A Walk To Remember" on Tuesday aaaand actually wasn't super impressed.  I really wanted to be, but it just wasn't happening for me. Ha! I felt like it was kind of sappy and the character's romance wasn't believable. One thing I did appreciate though, was reading about the place the main character lived. I wasn't aware that Sparks lives here (N.C.) so it was kind of a nice suprise. I'm not a southerner by birth or nature, but I have lived in the south most of my life so little things about it make me roll my eyes and smile. ;)

So sorry if that is one of your favorite books! I guess I'm weird and would rather read a book that has more than just romance in it. I really like action/mystery/adventure/humor/romance all packed together.  Thus, the reason why "Les Miserables" is turning out to be one of my all-time favorite books. I'm almost finished reading it...if I can just stop getting side tracked...

Speaking of getting side tracked, here's my current reading pile. Yeah, I know. And I'm basically a few pages/chapters into each book. (P.S. Like the cover for the top book? Yea? Me too. Yep.)

What has been on your playlist recently? I've been listening to as much of John William's music as possible. I tell you, that man is a genius. I really like the 'Lincoln' soundtrack. It's not overpowering or epic or anything, but it's soft and beautiful. I really enjoy listening to it. (The movie was well done too. :))

So, I'm graduating next year. It's so weird. On the one hand, I feel like it's about time and yet on the other hand, I don't know if I'm there yet! I still feel like I'm 12 sometimes...ha!

I just really love Marion Cotillard's outfit in this photo. Actually, I love all the outfits she wears in the movie. And I really like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A lot. He's like, my favorite. (Didn't I tell you this would be a random post?)

                                         Ok, it was fun checking in with you guys! I really need to do so more often! XD

                                         Oh, last thing... WHO'S GOING TO SEE THE HOBBIT THIS WEEK?!?!?


Rachel.T said...

I actually love A Walk to Remember, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I think I'll always feel like I'm twelve, even when I turn, like, twenty.

Cool blog you've got here, by the way :)

Lydia said...

I'm scared to tackle Les Miserables. Maybe someday? Nice book stack!

Kate said...

*raises hand* I saw the midnight premiere of the Hobbit! Did you?

And I really want to read Les Miserables. The movie looks excellent too.
I also wanted to see Lincoln. What did you think of it?

Nice post, Maria!

---->> Kate