Happy Nov. 1st!

Today is the first day of November which is very exciting because that means...

                                                   Winter is coming! Ahhh, I love snow!

                            Snowy mountains! (Except that there are no mountains in where I live but still...)
                                  Peppermint mochas at Starbucks!!! :D They are TO DIE FOR.

NaNoWriMo starts today. One month of insanity. One month of craziness. One month of a frantic struggle to write 50,000 words in just 30 days. ;) Well, I'm not joining in that. My older sister and younger brother are.
You can read about her novel on her blog http://blog.hannahrosebeasley.com/.

                                                   Oh, beautiful snow and epic red barns.

I am obviously excited about winter. Very excited. Oh how I hope it snows this year. What about Winter are you most excited about this year?

P.S. To all my Blogger friends, I am mostly joking about NaNoWriMo being insane. :) It just gets a little crazy around here but it is always fun. I know a lot of you are writing novels this year and I wish you luck. You can do it! :D

Note: All photos taken from google images.


The Kaitee Lady said...

Hello dear friend! Thank you for subscribing to my blog! :D how very Posh of you!....or something like that... Anyhow, i love your blog and thought you should know that I live in the Starbucks state! Since I see that you enjoy Starbucks, I found it only proper to let you know! (aka..brag about it...)

Thanks again,

~The Kaitee Lady

maria said...

Thanks for the nice comment, Kaitee! :) You are very welcome! I really like your blog. and your art. actually, that is how I found your blog--through Abigail Kraft's post about the picture you drew for her. :) oh sure go on and brag about it! Just kidding ;) its cool you live in the 'Starbucks state' :D I used to live up north (wish I still did) Anyway, thank you for commenting!