Goodbye...(for now)

I know what you are thinking, "Already?". Well, yes actually. I'm going to take a teeny break from blogging for the time being. (I'm just a little busy right now and kind of overwhelmed with life.) I'll probably be gone for about 2 weeks. But. I will be back!!!!! I promise. And anyway, I could never leave you all for good. That would make me sad! I know that I'll miss you while I'm gone. :(

Yesterday we got to see Handel's "Messiah" preformed for FREE with some of our bestest friends. It was super fun. I only took one pic though. Sorry.

I have some awesome news--I got an iPod touch!! Now maybe that doesn't strike you all as awesome news, but it is for me. It has 8 gigs and I already filled it up with epic music. I'm also still using my little mp3 player in addition to my iPod because I have so much music. I don't know if that's something for me to be embarrassed about or not. What do you think? ;) I am totally an Apple person now! I'm a traitor, I know. But that's just too bad. I LOVE APPLE. So there. (in fact, I am currently blogging from my iPod. Pretty sweet. ;))

Ok, one last thing to share with you all. I just finished reading Mrs. Lynnette Kraft's ( lynnettekraft.com) book, "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me". It was an excellent book! I totally recommend it! :) I have pre-purchased her latest book "He Heard Hannah" (due April 1) and can't wait to read it. You can pre-order a copy of "He Heard Hannah" or purchase "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me" on Amazon.com. (I'd post the link but I tried and something's not working. I don't know what--I've never blogged from an iPod before.)

Well, that's all for the moment! Thanks so much (from the bottom of my heart) for following my blog, and caring and commenting and reading. Love to you all! :) <3


Emily said...

Have a wonderful break!! And I like apple too...I really would like an ipod touch! So cooool!!

Serenity said...

That's so sad your not going to be blogging for awhile. :( I know what you mean, life is VERY busy.

That sounds fun to go see Handel's Messiah (especially with friends). :) That's awesome that you got an ipod touch. :) I just have an ipod nano (I love it).

I'll miss reading your blog. :'(