Downton Abbey Fever--do you have it yet? Because....

 I do. Ha! I only started watching the series a few weeks ago when season 2 first aired. My sister and I downloaded season one off itunes and watched it in less than a week. At first I was like, "What. A series about some rich family and their servants?" But when I started watching it I got hooked. The music is beautiful, the character development is excellent, the storyline is quite interesting, the costumes are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, and the cast is perfect! (The other week I tweeted Hugh Bonneville...and he actually TWEETED ME BACK. Wowwww.... It made my month. ;))

 Aw, I just like this photo. hehe So cute. Plus, I love Mary's dress and necklace. Gorgeous!!

 So after watching it for a while, I got majorly inspired to sew SOMETHING. So I made a dress.
The dress I made was basically modeled after Sybil's dress in this photo. The sleeves are shorter for lack of fabric. And the collar is a bit different but considering the fact I've never sewn a dress without a pattern before, I think it's all good. ;)

For some reason I keep thinking "The Waltons" when I look at my dress. Haha! I'm not sure why. What do you think? :)

This is Hannah's lovely dress. I'll tell you a secret - She made the lace part out of a tablecloth. I think it works perfectly, though!

 The conclusion to this post is as follows: If you haven't seen Downton Abbey, go watch it. (you can watch season 2 for free here-http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/downtonabbey/ ) , also, have a great weekend and thanks for reading my little blog! :)


Rissi said...

OH. MY. GOSH! I LOVE this series. =) It is just a phenomenal series and although some didn't like S2 as much as S1, I still thought it was perfectly wonderful.

Thanks bunches for following my blog, Maria! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it - I hope you visit often and share your opinions.

Gracie said...

These dresses are lovely!!! I haven't yet seen Downton Abbey, but I hope to soon. You have a beautiful blog :)

Carli Nicole said...

I haven't watched any of Downton Abbey...but it looks really neat from the pictures! I'll have to check it out. I really, really love that dress! 1940's fashion is my favorite!