The Other Pictures Link Up!

It's me again! (Yes, I know--2 blog posts in one day! Crazy!)
So, the lovely Mrs. Lynnette Kraft is having a link up over at her blog . The idea is to post some *unique* photos on your blog that you might not normally post. I had a lot of fun looking through our collection of photos...we have plenty of crazy ones, trust me! But I'll just post a few here. (I'm having trouble with the layout of things. Yes, I'm technically challenged!)

This one is just...awkward!


             I suppose I just make faces like this!


                    You can just guess.

I guess they don't like being with each other! (Just kidding! They love each other very much. I think the unhappy faces are due to the fact they are being forced to take pictures! )


               No comment.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that they made you laugh. Or chuckle. Or giggle. Or at least smile! :) Thanks for reading. Much Love!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Gotta love outtake photos! hehe!

BTW- I love your new blog design! It looks fab, girl!

Emily said...

Ah I love these, Maria! So funny!!

Lynnette Kraft said...

HA! I love goofy (not quite ready) pictures. :) That first one... ummmm... LOVE IT! ha!!

Have a beautiful day Maria.