heroes that are super

lets just take a moment and talk about superheroes because they are...well, super. my favorite superhero of all time is Batman, but he is too fantastic to mention in this post. he might make all these other guys look almost silly, and that wouldn't be fair, would it?

so last week i finally saw "The Avengers" and, of course, i loved it. my favorite avenger? Thor. why? He is such a rock star.

 I mean, he literally fights like a rock star. my favorite thing about Thor though, besides his sweet, and yet masculine personality, is his hair. seriously. long hair is has been my favorite from ever since i can remember. to me, it is SO manly.
 it seemed like in "The Avengers", Thor just kept getting smashed and/or left out. ha! (Poor guy)

my other favorite avenger is Iron Man. who doesn't like him, anyway? he has all the best quotes in the movie. i can't even tell you. just go watch the movie.

call me old-fashioned, (get it?!?) but captain America will always have a little spot in my heart. his hair is short, yes, but i still think he is great. he is just a sweetheart...in a manly way. plus he is just a good, clean man and that is quite admirable.

ok, that's really all. thanks for taking the time to read a goofy post about superheroes. now you should go watch the avengers... ha! ;)


Rissi said...

LOVED this, Maria. :-)

Captain America is AWESOME. I think he is one of the most decent superheros EVER.

Stark gets all the good quotes while, I have to disagree about Thor's hair. LOL! I'd chop most of it off. ;-D

In general, The Avengers is fantastic - I still need to watch my copy. *gasp*

Memzie said...


I will say Chris Hemsworth has been one of the few men that I've seen actually pull off the long hair. He makes it look good.

Fantastic movie! I love it!

Rosie said...

Captain America is my secret love.... Oops, did I type that out loud? I guess it wasn't much of a secret to begin with... lol!!

Jocee said...

dudebro, you totally forgot about loki. he's awesome [and attractive], too! ;) although, i love all the guys you listed here. however i have to disagree: RDJ for president. the world would instantly dress better. amen.

maria said...

Jocee- I didn't mention Loki because he's technically not a superHERO, but see, I have this theory that if I just gave him a hug, he'd stop being a bad guy. ;)

HA! True, true.