The Other Pictures Link Up!

It's me again! (Yes, I know--2 blog posts in one day! Crazy!)
So, the lovely Mrs. Lynnette Kraft is having a link up over at her blog . The idea is to post some *unique* photos on your blog that you might not normally post. I had a lot of fun looking through our collection of photos...we have plenty of crazy ones, trust me! But I'll just post a few here. (I'm having trouble with the layout of things. Yes, I'm technically challenged!)

This one is just...awkward!


             I suppose I just make faces like this!


                    You can just guess.

I guess they don't like being with each other! (Just kidding! They love each other very much. I think the unhappy faces are due to the fact they are being forced to take pictures! )


               No comment.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and that they made you laugh. Or chuckle. Or giggle. Or at least smile! :) Thanks for reading. Much Love!

Mother's Day Video

I know this is a little late, but I thought you'd all like to see the video we made for our Mom in honor of Mothers' Day. (We being my siblings and I) It's kind of patchy, but it is the first video we have made all together. The dialogue in the beginning is a bit convoluted. But in our defense, Hannah (who was filming the video), told us to talk nonsense because she thought she was going to mute it in the final cut. She didn't, but fortunately we were able to get a scene out of it all that *kind of* made sense! I hate seeing myself in videos. I don't feel normal at all, so I can't believe my siblings got me to do this! haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching it! (And feel free to tell me what you think! :))

Jo really, really enjoyed playing with Micaiah's BB gun! (We had a rather hard time getting it from him!)

That's all for now, folks. Thanks for reading! (And watching! ;))


Treasuring the 3 Stooges & more

Monday started out like one of those lazy days where no matter what you do, you don't feel like you accomplished much at all. Because Dad is a Pastor, we have always taken our Mondays off instead of Saturdays. (Dad's day off is Monday). So normally on monday we do whatever needs to be done around the house and find some way to have fun together. (Not that it takes anything to have fun with my family--just being together is fun!)

So last Monday we just did a bunch of random things (I won't mention them all here because I don't want to bore you.) and finally left the house around 6 P.M. To go shopping. When we got to Wal-Mart, we kind of split up--I went to the gardening section with a few of my younger siblings & Mom. The little guys were tripping over each other, knocking things down, hop-skipping, unintentionally getting in people's way and overall just acting stooge-like. I'll admit, I was starting to get very frustrated with them!

 Then it hit me...one day I won't get to shop with them. One day they won't be little anymore and I'm sure I'll miss these days at least a tiny bit. So for now, while the younger ones are skipping through life, I'll treasure the time I have to watch them...be an older sister to them and be their friend. Oh the things you learn at Wal-Mart! ;)

Yesterday we were running errands and while mom was in a thrift store (I love thrift stores so much, I don't let myself go in if I don't have a specific need because I know I'll end up spending money I shouldn't. Ha!) I took a couple videos for you guys! I'll post them for you all when YouTube lets me. (I'm currently having technical difficulties. haha)

Today I listened to Carrie Underwood's new CD 'Blown Away' in it's entirety. I (no, I'm not going to say I was blown away. ha!) enjoyed it! Carrie is really the only country artist I listen to because I love her voice and her music isn't too country...more like country/rock. Anyway, I have the title song stuck in my head. I liked when Carrie Underwood sang it on Idol the other week, but I think the recorded version is best. Do you all like country music? ;)
Thanks so much for reading! Hope you all are having a fantastic week!