hello blogging world, its me

i finally decided to get a blog. and my sister, hannah, was kind enough to design it for me on one condition: that i do the dishes for her on friday and saturday. ;) when she asked me what pages i wanted to have on my blog, i jokingly told her i wanted a "my heroes" page. it was a joke. i'm not even quite sure what a "my heroes" page would have on it. but she decided to make that one of my pages. :P unfortunately, hannah knows my password and can do anything she likes to my blog and such. all that to say: just disregard whatever appears on that page. i'll get around to changing my password sometime...

anyway, a few months ago we finally watched Megamind and i LOVED it!! when i see a movie like that (esp. if its an animated movie!) i just have to draw a picture of something from the movie. so naturally, i chose to draw megamind himself and i'm rather proud of how it turned out. ;)
well, thats about all. right now i'm working on a picture of my name in elvish script. :DDDDD
ttyl ;)


Katie Church said...

Oh, Maria! It always delights me to see how many things we have in common! I feel the same way about drawing suchlike animations.

I'm very glad you entered the blog world and shall be very happy to read it as often as I am able.

God bless!

maria said...

Thanks for following me Katie :)