Redecoration Station

As you know, last week I was sick and took the week off to redecorate my room. My room is painted a light green and I thought it'd be nice to do pink accents. Here are some pictures...

My creative corner

I decorated my lampshade

Now, this is what the top of my ceiling has looked like for three years since we painted it green. So I decided to do something about it. I went to the fabric store and purchased 18 yards of pink ribbon (thank God for coupons!!!!) Then I got a bunch of thumbtacks and painted them pink with one of my many of bottles of pink nail polish -

Then I pinned the ribbon to the top of my ceiling using some tape and my pink thumbtacks. I really am in love with how it turned out. :)

sorry for the mess in my sister's bed. She is 7 and doesn't like cleaning. ;)

Also, a little while ago, Acacia from Capture Life had a great idea to make paper hearts out of old newspapers and string them on your wall. I didn't have any old newspapers but I did have pink construction paper. So I did it and I LOVE it :)

As you can see, I'm anything but a photographer. =P

                    And I ended it all by giving my self a pedicure which makes everything better, right?

                   This week I caught the sewing bug so just stay tuned to see what happens there. :) <3


Emily Jacinta said...

awesome!! I love it!

maria said...

thanks! me too :)

Mattea said...

wow! you're so creative!! i'll have to do something like that to my room!!
i loved the pics ;) it's so cool that you have a blog, girl! <3

maria said...

haha thanks, matty :) yea, you should. ikr!

Acacia said...

Hey Maria!

Yaay! Someone used my hearts idea! I was overjoyed (really overjoyed) when I read that you had done it. :)
By the way, your blog is gorgeous! You're great with HTML and design... (you're much better at it than I.). :P
much love,

maria said...

Hey Acacia! haha good, I'm glad! :)
oh, thank you! yes, I love it too! but I didn't design it (I don't know the first thing about HTML ;)) my sister (from http://www.beautydesignstudios.com/) designed it. she is amazing at doing things like that!

Aizess said...

The fix up you did to your ceiling is very cute. The "construction paper hearts" are lovely:-)