some art i did this week

hey all!
this past week i have been sick with a bad cold and so i decided to just take the week off of school and do what i felt like. this week i'll be doing twice the homework, but i think my week of early summer vacation was well worth it. i took the time to read (right now i am reading through a series called 'the edge chronicles' and i am currently on book 8) and draw and watch Little House on the Prairie. ;) i took some pictures of the two drawings i did last week and i'll post them here.
this first one is a drawing of my name in elfish script. i really like how it turned out but i didn't know how to finish it so i just kind of scribbled around the corners.

next i decided to TRY to draw a picture of one of my very favorite Little House characters - albert. i didn't really think i could do it but i thought i'd try anyway. here is the original picture i was trying to draw- 

and here is my version of the picture. obviously he is missing a mouth and that is because i came to this conclusion: I just couldn't do justice to that adorable face. and so, maybe someday i will try to finish the drawing but in the meantime i think i'll just leave it. is that bad?

well, that is what i have been up to this week! i'm still working on my drawing of the little house. :) oh, and i have also been redecorating my room and will *hopefully* finish that up today. pics to come soon! <3 


Mattea said...

ur way better at drawing then i am!! lol

maria said...

haha that CAN'T be true...but thank you :) <3

Kianna Rose said...

Wow.. that's good!!! The drawing looks so similar!

Love to see drawings,
Kianna Rose

maria said...

Thanks Kianna! :)