the princess bride

since i'm not a photographer like my sister, and i'm not really anything of the sort, i thought that i'd just use this blog for things like my art, my crafts, life, and some book reviews and movie reviews. and maybe even some music reviews. so here is my first review on the movie The Princess Bride.

a few weeks ago, my family and i finally watched the 1987 movie the princess bride. we were a little late, i know but hey, who really cares? anyway, it was a great movie and perfectly family friendly with the exception of a few words and some comments here and sometimes there.

the characters-

Princess Buttercup. she was perfect. classic princess. and wesley...i don't normally like mustached men (thats my new word. i think i made it up) but he was an exception. and he was very funny too and perfectly suited to the princess :)

Prince Humperdink- well...he was gross so i won't post a pic of him.

the three funny guys- were, well, funny. actually they were hilarious! and perfectly cast too!

the pope guy- he was the funniest character in the whole entire movie. SO FUNNY. :)

 I saved the best for last. the little boy and his grandpa whose names i don't know. I loved how the movie started with them and how the grandpa was reading to the little boy and the boy's reaction to things like kissing was so cute. :) fred savage has got to be the (well, at least the 2nd) cutest little boy ever. this was just so sweet. (I put that last pic in just for my sister) definitely a classic movie. kinda low-budget but it didn't really matter, you know? and it didn't really date itself, which was a good thing. anyway, this is a great movie and we all love it :)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I really love that movie too, and yes the marriage vow scenes were hilarious! =)

maria said...

thanks for commenting! :D yea, it is a great film :)

Mattea said...

oh wow you guys DO see movies LATE!! lol JK JK i love this movie! actually my friend and i did a play type thingy....where i 'married' her younger brother (10 years - so cute ;) ) and my other friend was the pope and she did like the same thing the pope in princess bride did!! LOL anyways.......it was kind of funny ;) *me laughing*
your BFFAEFLTWD!!!!!!!

maria said...

haha mattea!!!! yea, my brother has done some mock weddings in past years. lol :)

Mattea said...

haha niiiiice ;)
love ya!

Katie Church said...

Oh, I love that movie! And frankly, I agree with everything you said about it. =)